Olive…the OTHER reindeer. A story in .gif

SO once their was this cute little dog whose voice sounded a lot like a certain actress who, like, doesn’t really sound much like a dog…but whatever

Yeah...it was drew

And this dog was AWFUL at hearing lyrics—you know everyone has a friend like that. You know you are all singing along to something on your ipod and your friend mangles the lyrics and you look at each other like….


So OLIVE thought that the song was saying Olive the Other Reindeer instead of ALL of the Other Reindeer.. what can I say—she was confused. Confused

Yeah even these guys are smarter than that and they are made of CLAY!!


So ANYHOOO…Olive takes off to the North Pole because Santa can’t possibly deliver all the goods without her right? And so the other reindeer accept her and tie her to the sleigh and off they go! Until Santa wrecks the sleigh…epic fail number 2

Oregon Trail

Good thing OLIVE is there to save the day! She chews them out of the trees they crashed in and then when Santa’s ripped bag starts littering gum drops and flutes all over the Northern Hemisphere WHO picks them all up? OLIVE of course! What were the OTHER reindeer doing, I’d like to know. *cough*LAZY*cough*


So after all this…Santa can’t get the sleigh home—WHY? Because of the fog of course…I am not even sure you can GET fog in freezing weather because all of the WATER VAPOR IS FROZEN…but whatever. I guess Bill Nye the Science Guy was NOT consulted.

Bad science makes Bill angry~

So Olive has to find their way home eventhough Santa has been doing it for HUNDREDS of YEARS he needs a Jack Russel looking puppy to sniff out the Christmas Cookies to find the way home. Ok. Guess Cookie monster was busy.

Cookie at the disco


So Olive gets everyone home safe and sound and Santa rewards her by….wait for it…giving her antlers. Yeah…it is like Santa says—“Hey Olive you totally SAVED Christmas but you still aren’t good enough!” You gotta lotta gall, there Santa

How dare you

But Olive takes it in stride…and runs off to play in the snow with….(you guessed it) ALL the Other Reindeer. And everyone lived HAPPILY ever after…right?

Yeah. sure.